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Our Customs Broker is a professional organization, approved by Fuzhou Customs and recorded in China Customs HQ. We have 36 specialized brokers and certified by the system in 2001.
The main business of the broker is customs pre-declaration, trusted customs declaration, cargo inspection, trusted quarantine, tax reduction and exemption, annual inspection and auditing and records in the government offices, call to collect declaration forms for the customs clearance and inspection, send the drawback sheet to the client and such kind of services in a chain. All these services are controlled, tracked, coordinated by certain persons in charge to solve all the problems arising from the formalities of customs clearance, inspections, and surveys. We have good interactive relationship with Fuzhou customs to make sure that the clients¡¯ requirements are met in time, accurately and efficiently. From the entrance of cargo into the system, to the declaration and returning drawback sheet to our clients, we have advanced management technology to bring everything under control. For example, we send information of the formalities being handled to our clients by short message service to their mobile phones through network information system. Especially at the same of cargo inspection, we send persons to the scene for supervision to ensure the lowest loss and damage to the cargos thus we got much positive appraising and acknowledge from the foreign receivers.
Up to now, we have kept high records of customs clearance, 100 per cent customs clearance, 0.71 per cent returned declaration forms, only 1.2 per cent of scene inspection, setting the record of one-hour customs clearance for airway cargo. All of these proved our abilities are raised rapidly, and our efforts of pursuing excellence, spirits of innovation are been acknowledged.
We always hold on to the maxim ¡°Customers the first, service the utmost.¡± with our warmth and high efficiency, thinking for the customers, sweating for the customers and solving the problems for the customers. We have cultivated and harvested many groups of business professionals with sound knowledge, good skills and working attitude, and excellent abilities to render our clients personalized service through the completion of the rules and regulations in our company.
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